The Marvelous World of Books

Imagine the smell of newly printed pages in a beautifully bound book, just dying to be opened, inhaled and perused.

Imagine that every book coming your way was written with you in mind, filled with secrets, plans, insights and brilliant, new life changing ideas.

Imagine that books conspired to turn you into a read-‘aholic’.

Like me, you and I read much, share much and enjoy the journey of the printed word.

We are individualists, creative thinkers and avid Readers. Talkers and Conversationalists are creatures of society. They’re human-‘holic’. ¬†We each mix differently, speeding inwardly and outwardly like lightening, rarely intersecting.

We live in words and words live in us. Nothing can separate us. We live and breathe the Written Word. Others, live and breathe the Spoken Word. What matters most is that we’re each comfortable in our chosen spaces…

written by Vernie Pather